Sept. 12, 2011, LIVE POST FROM TRIAL: Entergy to VT: If you don’t like us, dont buy our power

Prof. Parenteau and I are at lunch so here is a quick recap. VYs case is still being framed around the argument that even if VT regulated for reasons other than safety, those reasons must be plausible. And they are not, the power company claims.

The two witnesses that VY called this morning made that case. In particular VY Vice President Potkin (missed his first name) was especially effective in making the case that allowing VY to continue to operate benefits the state and in no way limits VT’s energy options. If VT doesn’t wan its power, it is free to buy from where ever it wants – including Seabrook.

The only minor point the State got in on cross was that it never forced VY to sell at any low cost. But it was minor compared to the unchallenged assertion that VT is economically harmed by VY’s continued operation. VT must make the case that some econ interest is in fact furthered if the plant is shut down.

State (if you are reading this) – listen for all the hearsay that snuck in. You were slow to object. (I do teach Evidence)

More VY witnesses this afternoon, with Peter Bradford on deck – likely he’ll get on tomorrow. Sullivan said this morning to expect a long closing Wednesday.

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