Sept. 12, 2011, LIVE POST FROM TRIAL: Cross-Examination of State’s First Witness Complete

Entergy just finished its cross-examination of the state’s first expert. They never asked him how shutting down VY would frustrate the state’s goals of energy efficiency and diversity (especially in light of Seabrook). Entergy’s lawyer could have really gone after Mr. Steinhurst but didn’t. Probably wouldn’t have mattered. Despite the question that never got asked, in the end, the state is no further in making its case that it has a plausible reason for shutting down VY other than safety concerns. It is all speculation and no proof. The state is about to show a deposition and read a transcript. VLS Adjunct Professor Peter Bradford is up first thing tomorrow.

We’ll recap the day with more analysis on the long drive home. Stay tuned.

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